what does foil do when dying hair

Why Do We Use Foil For Hair Dye?

Do know what does foil do when dyeing hair? Foils aren’t required for all-over lighting procedures, but they can aid in sectioning and holding bleached areas of your hair separately if you want to use them. Foils can also prevent the bleach from drying out and losing its power to lift, which gives a flawless result.

Foiling is a more precise method since it prevents the lightener from going on the surrounding hair. The wrapped foil also retains heat, making it easier for the lightener to lift and lighten the hair.

What does foil do when dyeing hair?

What are the hair foils? Foil highlights often referred to as “foiling,” is a hair coloring treatment in which foil sheets differentiate thick or thin hair strands. Before being wrapped hair in foil to process, the hair strands must be colored or bleached.

As previously stated, foil provides more desirable results. It stores heat, enabling optimal product absorption and gorgeous and lovely results. Another significant feature is that foils are typically applied to the scalp, bleaching the hair from root to tip.

Foils may be positioned more precisely, lighten more drastically, and lighten from root to tip for an all-over highlighted impression. Read about the alternatives to foil for hair dye.

How Can You Keep Your Foil From Bleeding?

Hair Color Slicing Technique (Image Source: Pinterest)

There are several tricks through which you can prevent your foil from bleeding that are:

  • When it comes to bleeding foils, the manner you’re mixing lighteners may be causing bleeding. Whipping the lightener releases oxygen, causing it to expand and eventually leak through the foil. The lightener will stay where you applied it with a consistency similar to toothpaste. As a fact, anything with a runnier texture can bleed.
  • Begin slowly and gradually increase your development as you progress. Do not use 30- or 40-volume directly. Higher volume developers add more excellent oxygen to the lightener to achieve faster lift. However, this may cause the lightener to spread in the foil. 
  • To prevent slipping and bleeding, secure the foil precisely at the root. Place the foil gently on the scalp.
  • Because of the head shape, foiling too far past the round can result in bleeding foils. By considering the head’s rounded shape, you can avoid this. Consider extension applications: they should never be placed past the head’s rounds, or the expansions will be visible. Roll the foil with the slicing technique.
  • You can fold foils, but don’t crease them too tightly. The lightener will be pushed away from the hair if you bend the foil, resulting in a line. Simply fold the lightener gently, allowing a slight “puffiness” at the fold to allow it to expand safely.

After all the fundamental tricks, you can prevent dyes from bleeding onto lighter hair using a conditioner. Also, use conditioner to protect the lighter hair during the dyeing procedure. When you rinse the dye, the conditioner will serve as a shield, reducing the color’s undesirable contact with your hair. Watch how you can highlight your hair with slicing techniques.

How to Highlight with the Slice Technique