what kind of foil is used to highlight hair

Why Do You Use Aluminum Foils To Highlight Hair?

Give a new look to yourself with the latest hair color or highlights. Highlight your hair with foil for precise results. So, what kind of foil is used to highlight hair? In recent days aluminum foils are considered the best foil among all the other alternatives available in the market. Aluminum foil can also be used to dye or bleach your hair other than highlights.

Aluminum foils are typically used to add precise highlights to the hair at home. Because aluminum foil strips are placed over the selected portions of the hair to trap heat and speed up the dyeing procedure, it also prevents the pigment from bleeding into the surrounding hair, giving in exact highlights.

Another key consideration when choosing aluminum foil is the type of foil you use, specifically the thickness and resistance of the foil. The objective is to use a material that is both resistant to the dye’s chemical products and supple enough to separate the appropriate portions of your hair. 

Before you begin with either dye or bleach, you’ll need to trim the foil into manageable strips, depending on the length of the hair you’re dealing with. A 5-7 inches wide and 10-15 inches long aluminum foil strips are ideal for dealing with. If you’ve cut long strips, then fold the remaining inch of foil at your roots to ensure the foil stays in place.

That will make the finish twice as strong and ensure that the dye or bleach mixture is confined. You may take different ideas to highlight hair at home through the video tutorial with Mirella Manelli. In the tutorial, she will show how you can place foil in four different ways for different effects. 

4 Different Foil Placement Techniques

What kind of foil is used to highlight hair? And Why?

what kind of foil is used to highlight hair
Foil is used to highlight hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Aluminum foil is primarily used to add permanent oxidative colors to mid-length to long hair. Full head coloring, balayage, ombre, highlights, and lowlights may all be done with aluminum foil sheets. Aluminum foil also gives you sufficient control during the dye treatment. 

There are several other advantages to using aluminum foil for hair highlights, including the convenience of using different brand colors. Still, it can cause color bleed because foils are non-transparent, so we must always open them up to see how the color is developing. 

Apart from all the pros, the most compelling reason to use aluminum foil for hair highlights is that foil sachets do not come pre-cut. Therefore we can cut them into pieces according to the person’s hair length and dyeing needs for full head coloring treatment or highlights. 

The only con of aluminum foil is that if you unfold and tug lightly while detaching foil from your hair, it might be painful to your scalp or hair if not handled carefully.

Finally, when choosing a hair highlight color, make sure it complements your skin tone and serves its intended goal. The hue should be precisely coordinated with the outfit or event.

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