what to use instead of a shower cap?

What to Use Instead of a Shower Cap?

In this article, we will discuss what to use instead of a shower cap. You can create an immediate and quite trendy alternative to a shower cap by grabbing a plastic bag, wrapping it over your head, and securing the front of it with a hair tie.

What to use instead of a shower cap
What to use instead of a shower cap (Image Source: Pinterest)

Making a Shower Cap from a Plastic Bag

The best way to avoid getting your hair wet in the shower is to use a shower cap. However, you may have forgotten to carry a shower cap. Fortunately, a plastic bag and bobby pins are all you need to make a shower hat yourself.

Start by tying your hair into a knot and tucking any loose hair behind your ears. Then, place the bag over the head and twist the front of it. After securing the bag, you are ready to take a shower!

making a shower cap from a plastic bag
Making A Shower Cap From A Plastic Bag (Image Source: Pinterest)

Putting Up Your Hair

  • Comb your hair back and make a bun with it. Then, use bobby pins to bind the bun. Ensure that the bun is tight so that it does not come out during showering.
  • If you have short hair, you may be unable to place it in a bun. You need just to tuck your hair behind the ears for it to remain in place. Then, bind any longer hair with bobby pins or just a clip so that it does not hang below the hairline.

Securing the Bag

Obtain a clean shopping bag with no holes. A medium-sized plastic bag is suitable for this purpose. Check the bag to check that it is clean and dry. Ensure that the bag has no holes so that your hair does not get wet.

  • As a test for holes creates a balloon by blowing into the plastic bag and then pressing the top closed. Check to see if you can hear air seeping out of the bag by giving it a little push. If not, there should be no holes in this bag.
    Take the bag’s handles in both hands. Place it over your head so that it reaches about the middle of your forehead. Adjust it so that the handles are at your ears and on your sides.
  • Do not place the bag over your face. Keep your nose and mouth away from it.
  • Make sure your hair and ears are covered by the bag. Attempt to tuck any loose hair under the bag if necessary.

Holding the bag’s handles, pull them towards your forehead. The bag will tighten on your head’s back. Maintain the exact height of the bag while pulling it. Make sure that it covers your ears and goes halfway up your forehead.

  • Holding the handles with both hands, twist them to tighten the bag against the head. Create a tight twist on the bag’s front so that it remains sealed throughout your shower. When the sack feels tight on your head, stop twisting. Ensure that the handles’ holes are twisted up. 
  • If you twist the bag too tightly, it may rip. Consequently, your hair will become wet in the shower.
  • Adjust the height as necessary. While you’re twisting, the bag may rise slightly.
  • Imagine that you are flipping the twisted part. Fold it and place it into the bag. Ensure its cleanliness before entering the shower.
  • After installation of the shower cap, verify that your head and ears are wrapped. Place any remaining hair under the bag and make a last height adjustment if the bag has moved. Then you can take a shower.
  • Shake your head gently a few times to check the bag. If it remains in place, it should last your whole shower.
  • If there are any loose areas, fix them with bobby pins.
How to Make Shower Cap with Plastic Bag