why do boys have long eyelashes

Why do guys have longer eyelashes?

Do you know why do boys have long eyelashes? Due to their DNA, men have a higher hereditary probability of having longer and thicker lashes. Testosterone is a hormone that improves the quantity and quality of a person’s body hair, including eyelashes. Because it is a men’s hormone, it can boost the quantity and quality of eyelashes. That’s why the Boys generally have dark, thick, and longer lashes.

Humans make snap judgments about others. We can make initial judgments about a person’s personality, values, and other attributes just by looking at their face—accurate or not. More often than not, we perceive attractiveness based on facial features, with the eyes and eyelashes playing a significant role.

It’s arguable if our lashes constitute the foundation of our faces, but they may make or break your appearance based on their length, thickness, and darkness. Long, dark, and thick lashes can make it appear as if you’re wearing makeup, getting ready in the morning a hundred times easier and, in most cases, considerably faster. It has none to do with a person’s gender. Eyelashes protect the eyes from dirt and other small particles that may drift into the eyes.

Eyelashes are found in animals, making them an evolutionary advantage that has endured the test of time. As humans evolved into the species we are now, lashes became more of a decorative feature than a survival feature, and those with long lashes just looked lucky.

Are Long Eyelashes Attractive?

Long eyelashes have long been a hallmark of beauty in terms of aesthetics. According to psychologists, long eyelashes distinguish between the eyelid and the eye, enabling eyes to look bigger and thus more beautiful.

Are Long Eyelashes Attractive On Guys?

Why are long eyelashes attractive? Long eyelashes draw attention to a man’s brows and jawline, expressing confidence and self-assertiveness. Although males have smaller eyes and larger brows on average, long eyelashes emphasize the first, making their eyes more attractive.

Long eyelashes are also an indication of good health and a key component of natural charm. Eyelash loss (along with other types of hair loss) can be caused by diseases, hereditary disorders, or particular circumstances, signaling to potential partners that the person in question is not in good condition.

What Are The Main Reasons For Long Eyelashes?

Eyelash length is regulated by genetics, but other conditions can also alter its length.


However, cosmeticians are unlikely to agree; scientists believe that eyelashes should be a third of the diameter of the eye. Your eyes will stay wet and clean at this length. It also implies that your eyelashes are likely to be longer if your eyes are bigger. An “official” length of 12mm has also been established to designate longer lashes. Eyelash trichomegaly is another name for this condition.

Trichomegaly can occur due to congenital disease or condition (Oliver-Mcfarlane syndrome and Cornelia de Lange syndrome). Because of a faulty FGF5 gene, you have a high probability of acquiring long eyelashes if both parents have them. This gene produces a protein that prevents excessive hair growth. If the FGF5 gene is mutated, the protein cannot be produced. And if the protein isn’t present, your hair will continue to grow!


Asian Eyelashes Downward Tips
Asian Eyelashes Downward Tips (Image Source: Pinterest)

Your ethnicity has no relation to the length of your eyelashes. The difference is in the curve of the eyelashes; Asians and those of Spanish and Eastern European origin have straight lashes, while others have curlier lashes. An absence of double eyelid wrinkles causes straight lashes. When you have a monolid, your lashes will grow lower and out rather than out and up.

What Are the Reasons For Eyelashes Loss?

Eyelash loss would be because of hormonal changes and nutritional deficiency.

Nutrition Deficiency

Chronic hair loss can be caused by severe malnutrition. Hair loss is caused by the early start of telogen in hypoproteinemia. Acrodermatitis enteropathica, for example, can cause hair loss in the eyebrows and eyelashes. Hair loss can also be caused by other deficiencies such as biotin and iron.

Hormonal Changes With Age

Another reason for shorter eyelashes could be the hormonal imbalances that influence the hair follicles’ growth cycle. Aging and menopause are two of the most common causes. Different skin diseases, pharmacological side effects, endocrine problems, metabolic irregularities, acute insults, inflammations, toxins, psychological disorders, and systemic diseases can cause eyelash loss.

The Value Of Eyelashes As Health And Beauty Indicators

Eyelashes that are thick and long are connected with femininity and attractiveness. As a result, the expression “fluttering one’s eyelashes” comes to mind as a synonym for flirting.

Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliners, eyelash curlers, eyelash extensions, artificial eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes, and even eyelash transplants are all used by women to draw attention to their eyes and lengthen their lashes. Some medications have also been used to aid in the growth of longer, thicker, and darker lashes.

Is it true that long lashes are even more attractive if long eyelashes are associated with attractiveness? Certainly not. Very long lashes are linked to various disorders (e.g., Cornelia de Lange syndrome) or can be a pharmacological side effect (e.g., prostaglandin analogs).

Functions Of Eyelashes

Why do we have eyelashes is a crucial question? What are the purposes of eyelashes, in other words?

The aesthetic attractiveness of eyelashes is frequently the focus. During the Covid era, sales of mascara, eye cosmetics, and fake eyelashes are all on the rise. While eyelashes provide flair to the eyes, they also play an essential role in eye safety.

Have you ever had a speck of dust get stuck in your eyelashes? That’s how eyelashes work as a means of prevention. Eyelashes serve as a first-line defense system for your eyes, preventing dirt, dust, lint, and other debris from accessing sensitive eye tissues. Eyelashes trap some airborne debris when the eyes are open, but when the eyes are closed, they provide an almost impenetrable barrier against external irritants in the eye.

On the other hand, the lashes on your eyes are also quite sensitive. How sensitive are you? Touch the tip of one of your lashes with your index finger. You can sense it right away, no matter how softly you touch them. Your body’s blinking reflex is also triggered when you touch your eyelashes, preventing debris or dirt from coming any closer to the eye itself. Keeping your eyes wide open while placing contact lenses or applying any cosmetics can be challenging because of the blinking reflex.

Different Ways To Style Your Eyelashes

With extensions, lift, tint, and curling, you may boost the length and form of your lashes in various ways. Select a reputed and safe salon with cosmetologists specializing in extensions before committing to any treatment for your lashes, like eyelash tint or filing. While eyelash curling can snap lashes in half or improperly placed extensions can cause early lash loss.

How Can You Get Thick Lashes?

We like to recommend applying a serum that will strengthen your natural lashes, retain them in the follicle for longer (less shedding means extensions for longer), and help you avoid the negative consequences of wearing lash extensions for an extended period.


There are certain life-saving cosmetics on the market that can assist you in lengthening your eyelashes. Lashes serum is one of them. When picking a serum, look for active growth elements (peptides, for example), nutrition (biotin, arginine), DHT blockers (clover, for example), and a non-irritating composition.

To ensure the highest serum quality, avoid unfamiliar brands or hazardous prostaglandin drug-based cosmetics, and always check the entire content and where the product is manufactured. 

Why Are Eyelashes Important? 

Eyelashes are needed first and foremost to protect our eyes from dirt, dust, and mechanical harm. Since a wage worker can frequently be in danger, a man’s eye in the evolution process has always been more at risk. For men, thick and long eyelashes provide an additional layer of ocular protection from numerous accidents.

What Is The Testosterone Role For The Eyelashes?

Testosterone is abundant in a man’s body, while testosterone is significantly less in women. The dominant male hormone, testosterone, has a big influence on the growth and thickness of hair on a man’s body, especially in their eyelashes; that’s why natural male eyelashes are thick and dark usually. On the other hand, usually, men don’t use any cosmetic product on their lashes, that’s they don’t get any harmful effect on their lashes which cause the lashes to lose.

Do Long Lashes Show Menness In Guys?

Do guys like long eyelashes? Long eyelashes, by chance, also indicate fertility in men: the darker and longer a man’s eyelashes are, the more the sclera, or whites of his eyes, is highlighted. Your sclera might reveal a lot about your overall health (and how young you are). On the other hand, long eyelashes in men enhance the limbal ring (the black ring around the iris), which drives women nuts; the limbal ring is most evident during a person’s most productive years. It’s your body’s way of informing you that it’s ready to reproduce. What a set of eyes for a bedroom!

Do Guys Have Longer Eyelashes?

Generally, men’s eyelashes are longer than women’s. So, why do men have longer eyelashes than female eyelashes? Objectively, there are multiple essential explanations.

Male Vs Female Eyelashes

Why Do Boys Have Long Eyelashes Than Female
Why Do Boys Have Longer Eyelashes Than Female (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyelashes, like all of our other body parts, serve a purpose other than physical appearance. Eyelashes are traditionally thought to be a feminine attribute. Female characters in mass media works such as cartoons are always distinguishable because they usually have thick eyelashes that set them apart from their male partners.

Because of their higher estrogen levels, women have bigger eyes than men. Because there is a greater area for them to guard, this often means having longer eyelashes. Eyelashes play a vital role in shielding the eyes from danger like dirt, pollen, and debris.

Men usually produce more body hair than women, which is usually thicker. That’s why men appear to have naturally long eyelashes and hairier eyebrows. Even if their eyelashes appear longer, just because they are thicker does not guarantee they are. Women with thinner hair will believe males have naturally long eyelashes.

Your eyelashes will naturally be longer and thicker if your eyeball is larger. It’s acceptable to state that eyelashes are unrelated to gender. Each eyelash is about a third of the breadth of the eye.

Is It Possible To Lengthen Your Eyelashes?

Your eyelashes can be lengthened in a few different methods, and we are going to go over all of them with you now.

1. Latisse

Latisse Eye Drops
Latisse Eye Drops (Image Source: Pinterest)

Latisse is the solely FDA-approved eyelash growth serum that allows your lashes to grow beyond their normal development cycle, preventing them from breaking off prematurely.

  • The serum generally takes 4-16 weeks to give full results, but most people believe the wait is well worth it because they are your natural lashes.

2. Lash extensions

Another popular alternative is lash extensions. People who want to see immediate results prefer lash extensions. Still, they should not be worn for an extended period because they might injure your eyelashes and possibly damage your natural lashes.

3. Beauty Products

Our final alternatives are mascara and makeup. The most common and cost-effective ways to impress longer, thicker, and darker lashes are mascara and cosmetics. Eyeliner is amazing at making your eyes look bigger, and we all know that bigger eyes equal longer lashes. Curling your lashes can help them appear longer, but it can also make them appear shorter if you don’t know what you’re doing or the angle of the curl is improper.

4. Use Medicine

The only way to lengthen your lashes is to take medicine with caution. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the only medicine to help eyelashes grow longer and thicker is bimatoprost (Latisse). Lumigan was originally intended as a glaucoma treatment, but researchers realized eyelash growth was a side effect.

Your physician may prescribe Latisse, which you regularly apply to your upper eyelid lash line (not the lower eyelid). It produces complete results when used regularly for at least two months. If you want to retain your Latisse results, you must use them daily. Your lashes will revert to their natural state if you don’t do so.

Latisse, according to research, is both effective and safe, with few side effects for the bulk of people. The following are some examples of unfavorable consequences:

  • Sore and red Eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Darken Eyelids

The iris (colored eye region) contains a darkened brown pigment. If medication is given inappropriately to the eyelids, hair growth on the face around the eyes can occur.

It’s vital to keep eyelash lengthening medication, as well as other medications, away from your eyes. The sensitive nature of the eyeballs cannot be overstated. In the worst-case scenario, blindness can result from foreign objects in the eye.

Top FAQs About Long Eyelashes In Men

Why Do Guys Have Better Eyelashes?

Due to their DNA, men have a higher hereditary possibility of developing longer and thicker lashes. Testosterone is a hormone that improves the quantity and quality of a person’s body hair, including eyelashes. Because it is a male-dominant hormone, it can boost the quantity and quality of eyelashes.

Who Looks More Attractive Women Or Men With Long Eyelashes?

Longer lashes are more attractive on female faces than short lashes. Long lashes on men were the least appealing. Men and women had different eyelash ratios, implying that social variables and biological ones have a role.

Why Are Guys Eyelashes So Long? 

A woman can confidently say that men have long lashes because there are several reasons behind male natural long lashes, i.e., testosterone production is high in males, which causes more hair growth in males than in women, including eyelashes less chemical contact, and also influences the lashes length. 

Men’s eyelashes are, in fact, longer than women’s. An official document confirms this: Phuto Rav Mauli, holder of the world record for the longest eyelash, became an Indian citizen in 2004. The podium is held by Moscow-based artist Muin Buchonaev. So, why are guys’ eyelashes so long and thicker than female eyelashes? There are numerous key explanations, objectively.

The hormone testosterone is abundant in a man’s body, but it is far less in women. The main male hormone, testosterone, has a significant impact on the quantity and quality of hair on a man’s body, particularly his eyelashes. Men also do not use eyelash products, which can harm their growth and look.

Longer eyelashes are frequently associated with being sexier and more appealing. People with more estrogen and longer eyelashes look younger and have larger eyes. Both of these factors increase your overall attractiveness to others. Read about which one is more attractive Long Eyelashes Vs Short Eyelashes?

Several home remedies promise to help grow eyelashes, but none have been proven useful — or safe. Avoid putting potentially dangerous substances in or near your eyes at all costs. Furthermore, you must keep it away from your eyes to avoid side effects if you take medication.