why do guys have better eyelashes

Why Do Guys Have Better Eyelashes Than Females?

Have you ever wondered? Why do guys have better eyelashes than females? Due to biological and hormonal factors, men are more likely to have longer lashes than women. On the other hand, women can attempt some beauty tips and tricks to make their lashes seem fantastic instead of fussing about not having long and gorgeous lashes!

Continue reading to learn why boys have longer lashes. Why do guys have better eyelashes? Men have a more significant hereditary chance of having longer and thicker lashes due to their DNA.

Testosterone is a hormone that improves the volume and quality of body hair, including eyelashes, in men. Another hand, boys usually don’t use any beauty products, so hair loss minimizes for guys.

Why Do Guys Long Lashes Attractive?

Why Do Guys Have Better Eyelashes
Why Do Guys Have Better Eyelashes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Eyelashes have a significant impact on how we see people, and everything with eyelashes on it appears more feminine. Consider this: Robin Hood and Maid Marian, Mickey and Minnie, and Bugs Bunny and Lola are all separated by a pair of long, wavy eyelashes.

An inanimate object, such as a car, is transformed into a feminine lady figure in numerous cartoon characters by adding a pair of long eyelashes. Big eyelashes aren’t a female-only trait. Both sexes have longer eyelashes for biological reasons; Women tend to have bigger eyes (due to estrogen), which translates to longer eyelashes (to protect their eyes from dirt).

In contrast, men appear to have longer eyelashes because they have more body hair (which implies longer, thicker hair everywhere). This explains why many hair-growth products exist, from medicine to reverse alopecia to topical ointments that help guys obtain thicker eyebrows.

Of course, scientists believe that a person’s eyelash length is directly related to its function: When it comes to protecting the eyeball, the length of the lashes is directly proportional to the size of the eyeball.


Why are males with long eyelashes so enticing?

Long eyelashes draw attention to a man’s brows and jawline, expressing confidence and aggressiveness (two essential traits during our hunter-gatherer days). Because guys have smaller eyes and more prominent brows, long eyelashes emphasize the former, making it more attractive.

The presence of healthy-looking lashes enhances this feature of biological allure. It’s important to note that eyelash thinning (and hair loss in general) might be a sign of poor health to potential partners because it can be caused by diseases, birth defects, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Naturally, this isn’t always the case, but it’s no surprise that biology is to blame. Additionally, males with long eyelashes are more likely to be fertile since their darker, and longer eyelashes draw attention to their sclera or the whites of their eyes.

Your sclera may tell you how healthy you are (and young). On the other hand, long eyelashes in men draw attention to their limbal ring (the dark ring surrounding the iris), which is most prominent during a person’s most fertile years. It’s nature’s method of telling you that your body is ready to reproduce.

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