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Why Are My Eyebrows So Light?

Eyebrows are an essential part of our daily makeup. We put a lot of effort into perfecting our brow contour, yet we often overlook our other features’ right hue and tone. Have you ever wondered why you have dark hair and light eyebrows? Here’s the answer to your question!

Why are my eyebrows so light? Due to UV bleaching and exposure to the sun, you may have noticed that your hair is lighter in the summer. If that’s the case, don’t panic. Eyebrows do the same thing; that’s why you probably notice light eyebrows. If you don’t expose yourself to the sunlight for a while, your hair color will return to normal shade.

Natural brows are usually darker than or similar to the color of the hair. Consider someone with a light brown brow and blonde hair; the combination may look to be entirely natural. However, it appears unusual when visualizing someone with blonde eyebrows and dark hair.

What‘s the ideal shade of eyebrows for a person? If you have darker hair, such as brunette, or if you are a redhead, generally your eyebrows should be two shades lighter than the hair color.

What Your Eyebrows Reveal About You

What Factors Cause Light Brows?

Natural brows are commonly darker or comparable in color to natural hair color. Consider a person having light brown brows with blonde hair; it may appear to be a natural match. However, it appears weird when visualizing someone with black hair and blonde brows.

The difference, I believe, is due to the roughness of the hair in the dark or pigmentation. The goal has typically been to achieve a natural appearance in the beauty industry. The brows should be the same color or darker than the hair in this situation. If you’re interested in non-traditional fashion, be creative and have fun with it.

You may take sunlight and UV bleaching to make your brows glow, or you could simply address your body’s natural, which specifies that your facial hair hues will lighten as you get older.

I’m unhappy your only real option is to match your hair color to your brows or use a hair color that closely matches the color of your brows.

For many women who have this experience, the decision to color their brows takes on a less permanent form. They merely apply an eyebrow or brown mascara to color their brow hair in the more typical hue.

I’m confident that a stylist or esthetician at your neighborhood salon will utilize cosmetics to improve your appearance and restore the darkness of your eyebrows. This strategy, I believe, will require some practice.

You can deal with your body’s genetics, which affects the color of your facial hair. This can happen as you get older and is nothing to worry about.

How Can You Match Your Brows With Your Hair Color?

On summer days, anything that happens in hair, the color changes. And, with significantly more prominent differences between hair and brows, brows appear to be employed to show more personality and style. However, this alternative appearance is generally unattractive and goes too far.

So, how do you take a good look at your brows for yourself?

Do you prefer to make a statement with a strong expressive brow? If that’s the case, emphasize the brows, which are the darkest feature on the face. Color your hair a shade darker than your brows or vice versa.

If you want to go for a more subtle, natural effect, go with the color of the same brow as your hair or a lighter shade. This will soften the overall appearance and allow your facial features to blend rather than make one stand out.

We recommend coloring your brows 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker than your hair color! On someone with extremely light blond hair, black brows, and black brows on someone with dark hair, would be a bold statement.

So, what’s the best way to go about it? It’s not with bleach, for sure. Fill your eyebrows with a lighter shade. 

  • Use a light/medium brown pencil if you have dark brown hair. 
  • If you have light brown hair, use a taupe/dark blond pencil.

Fill in any areas where your eyebrows are thin or sparse using the pencil, then mix with a brush to blur apparent lines.

You can also fill them somewhat lighter than your brows with a tinted brow gel. “It looks full and definite while still being natural,” Ahnert explains. “Eyebrowsing should enhance the face rather than overshadow it.”

Of course, matching brows is nearly always the ideal route for redheads. Many of us have found nature the most attractive alternative, which is perhaps why many women are left alone.

How Can I Darken My Light Eyebrows??

Blonde eyebrows dark hair
Blonde Eyebrows Dark Hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

Depending on how long you want the results to last, you have numerous options. Tinting, beaver oil, microblading, and powder brows can all help you stand out. The tint lasts for two to three weeks, and that’s the first thing I’d recommend. 

You’ll experiment with darker brows before committing to anything more permanent like microblading. As you have light eyebrows, dyeing them will be much darker. Another option is to apply beef oil in the evening to encourage new hair growth in your eyebrows.

How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Naturally and Faster

Use Eyeshadows

For flawless brows that look natural, use beauty products that match your hair’s base color. This indicates that instead of highlighting, use a brow shadow that complements the base color. If you have light eyebrows and want a darker brow, you can even go a shade or two darker than your foundation color. The darker tint of the brown filler will catch your eye and create an apparent eyelid.

Use Concealer To Define Your Light Eyebrows

Use Concealer To Define Your Light Eyebrows
Use Concealer To Define Your Light Eyebrows (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you have light eyebrows, filling them to their maximum capacity will be a must-do, though time-consuming, step in achieving that youthful bold look. Unfortunately, when you’re transitioning from thin to thick eyebrows, your eyebrows can look chaotic and messy. However, concealer might help you keep a neat shape.

Why are my eyebrows getting lighter? Significant hair loss causes light eyebrows. Light brows tend to blend in with the rest of the face, particularly when wearing full-face makeup to be defined with a bit of color. With a pencil, powder, or mousse, you may simply conceal light and sparse areas.

Use Eyebrow Pencils

Use Eyebrow Pencils
Use Eyebrow Pencils (Image Source: Pinterest)

What to do “My Eyebrows Are Too Light”? Filling in your brows with a pencil can give you the appearance of full, bold brows. Keep in mind that when filling in your brows, measure from the tip of your nose to the middle of your eye, which will show you where your brow is the highest. Simply take your pencil and make a few lines slightly above your natural hairline. To achieve the look of actual hair, remember to leave room between each stroke.

Use Eyebrows Serum

While penciling in your brows might make light eyebrows appear fuller, you should also apply a growth serum to promote the growth of actual eyebrow hair for thicker brows. Make it a nightly skin routine by applying it before going to bed so it can work wonders while you sleep. Latisse is typically prescribed for lash growth. However, it can also be used on the eyebrows. Before using Latisse other than that directed by your doctor, speak with them first.

Apply Some Oil

Suppose you don’t want to use a growth serum, dab castor, or olive oil on your brows to promote new hair growth and strong hair follicles. You already have an olive oil can in your kitchen cupboard. As it can strengthen the scalp, hair, elbows, and cuticles, Organic 100-percent Castor Oil is a fantastic place to begin.

Use Eyebrow Moisturizer

Moisturizing the brows is equally as vital as moisturizing the face, believe it or not. Hair loss can be prevented and growth stimulated by keeping the skin and brow hair moisturized.

Avoid Over-Tweezing

Put the tweezers down! Tweezing can permanently harm your hair follicles, preventing hair growth in particular areas. When it comes to tweezing, the most common mistake is removing hair in the wrong way. Each hair is attached to a small blood vessel (derma vessel) that maintains it healthy and helps it regrow after being removed. The hair will never grow back once that vessel has been ruptured.

If you’re tweezing your eyebrows, make sure you do it right. Pull the skin taut with one finger before tweezing the hair in the growing line to tweeze properly. Rather than straight out, the direction is usually upward or toward the temple.

Trimming Carefully

Brush your brow hair up and trim it just above your brow line rather than straight across it. You want the hair to have a slight bend to it. This will give your brows maximum girth and smoothness.


Finally, microblading or powder brows are the most long-lasting ways to enhance and darken your brows. Before it needs to be reworked, it takes 12–24 months. I’ve done it myself, and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about brow makeup anymore.

Natural Techniques To Darken The Brows

Here are some natural techniques to create thick brows. You can start by using coconut oil. Coconut oil is an excellent conditioner and hydrator that also helps to improve blood flow. Olive oil, lemon juice, the yolk of an egg, citrus, and milk can also be used to darken your eyebrows.

Of course, the hair on your entire body is always the same color. Your body hair may have a lighter shadow, but this depends on how well you care for it. When it comes to hair and eyebrows, though, they are typically the same hue. This may differ if you tint or dye your brows and the natural pigment fades with age (since eyebrows gray slower than your mane).

Your brows are a prominent feature of your face. They shape your face and, depending on the shape, might enhance special features. They don’t always have to match your hair when it comes to color. Allow them to shine the way you want them to!

How Can I Find The Perfect Brow Shade To Match Your Complexion?

Recently, eyebrows have been a fashion trend. Brow styling options such as color, shape, and arch can drastically alter a person’s appearance. Picking the right eyebrows shade can influence your look. We’ll help you in finding the right shade.

Shaping your brows is the first step to making them as attractive as possible. You can choose the perfect tint, but it’s all for waste without the right shape. Tweezers, scissors, and stencils are among the tools that might help you achieve the perfect arch. Once you’ve figured out the greatest form for you, it’s time to find the perfect shade and product.

Choosing the right brow color can be a challenge. To discover the appropriate product and shade, you need to experiment with various products from brands like L’Oréal Paris products.

Eyebrow Shade For Dark Hair

Burnette Shade
Burnette Shade (Image Source: Pinterest)

A dark brunette pencil is preferable to a black one if you have dark hair. For deeper skin tones, put a black brow pencil over a brown shadow to make it stand out. Experiment with dark brown and black pencils to discover your ideal shade.

Eyebrow shade should complement your eyes, skin, and hair color. Stay within two hair shades. Choose a lighter brow tint than your hair if you have dark eyes. Complementary hues are preferable to exact matches. Overmatching can ruin a look.

Eyebrow Shade For Brown Hair

Brown For Brunettes
Brown For Brunettes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Avoid bright browns for brunettes. Stay one or two shades lighter than your brown hair. Your highlights and base color should be the same hue if your hair is cool, ash-brown, and you’re looking for a highlighting pencil.

For a softer brunette tone, use Anastasia’s Soft Brown brow pencil. This pencil’s ultra-fine tip lets you draw in hair to achieve a fuller, more prominent brow.

Eyebrow Shade For Blonde Hair

You usually need to add something with a warmer undertone for blondes to keep the color from seeming gray. Choose taupe if the blonde hair has a chilly undertone when choosing a pencil.

Eyebrow Shade For Redheads

Add subtle warm red tones if you have any red shades on your head. I recommend using gold mascara to set brow products for a more natural look.

Eyebrow Shade For Gray Hair

Taupe Shade
Taupe Shade (Image Source: Pinterest)

Gray hair is attractive, but it is frequently underrepresented in brow products. Most dark taupe brow pencils for gray hair make your eyebrows look natural.

As soon as you’ve discovered a color and shape that work for you, apply! Experiment with it. Begin with modest amounts and gradually build up your look. You can use this to determine what looks best on your skin tone and complexion. Brow stencils are available from several cosmetics companies if you’re having trouble getting the perfect shape.

Sometimes, it’s best to use two different eyebrow products to achieve the best results – powder for sparse areas and gel for fuller, more defined brows that still seem natural. With practice, you’ll achieve the perfect brow shape and application techniques. Read about How To Fix A Lash Lift That’s Too Curly: Step-by-Step Guide.

How To Figure Out Your Brow Shade


Why Are My Eyebrows Lighter Than My Hair?

Hormones alter as we age, causing our hair to be thin and have light eyebrows. Although the primary hormone responsible for brow loss is prostaglandin, research has shown that Bimatoprost (aka Latisse), a fatty acid-based molecule that may bind to prostaglandin receptors, can successfully treat thinning eyebrows.

Should Your Eyebrows Be Lighter Or Darker Than Your Hair?

Your eyebrows must be a single or double shade darker than your hair color for the most natural looks unless your hair is black.

Should Your Hair Match Your Eyebrows? 

For lighter hair colors like gray hair or bleached hair, the rule of thumb is that your brows should be double shades darker than your hair.