why do i have long eyelashes

What Are The Main Reasons For Long Eyelashes?

Long eyelashes are a mark of attractiveness. Long eyelashes make eyes appear bigger and more beautiful, according to psychologists. When it comes to protecting our eyes, eyelashes are a natural defense against foreign particles in the atmosphere and surroundings. Many individuals wonder, “Why do I have long eyelashes?”

Genetics can impact eyelash length, but other factors can also influence it if this is the case. We will provide you with some intriguing information on eyelash length genetics. Also, lash extensions are available that can give the appearance of lengthy eyelashes instantly.


Why do I have long eyelashes
Why do I have long eyelashes? (Image Source: Pinterest)

Scientists believe eyelashes should be a third of the width of the eye. Beauticians may disagree. The eyes will stay moist and clean at this length. It also implies that your eyelashes are likely to be longer if your eyes are larger. A “standard” length of 12mm has been established as a baseline for longer lashes. Eyelash trichomegaly is another name for this condition.

Trichomegaly can be caused by a congenital disease or condition (Oliver-Mcfarlane syndrome and Cornelia de Lange syndrome). A mutant FGF5 gene increases your chances of acquiring long eyelashes when both parents have them. This gene produces a protein that prevents excessive hair growth. If the FGF5 gene is mutated, the protein cannot be produced. And if the protein isn’t there, your hair will continue to grow!

What is FGF5? FGF5 stands for Fibroblast Growth Factor 5, which is responsible for creating the protein that prevents more hair growth than is needed. If the FGF5 gene is mutated, the protein cannot be produced. And if the protein isn’t there, your hair will continue to grow!

How Can I Lengthen My Eyelashes?

Use Lash Serum

There are various life-saving cosmetics on the marketplace that can assist you in lengthening your eyelashes. Lashes serum is one of them. Make sure the serum has active growth elements (e.g., peptides), nutrition (e.g., biotin, arginine), DHT blockers (e.g., clover), and a non-irritating formula when selecting one.

  • To ensure the highest serum quality, avoid unfamiliar brands or hazardous prostaglandin drug-based products, and always verify ingredients and where the product is created.

Use Extensions, Lash Tint, Or Curl

Eyelash extensions, lash lift, lash tint, and lash curling are all great techniques to improve the length and contour of your lashes. Make sure you select a reputable salon with beauticians specializing in extensions before investing in any of these procedures.

Curling can break lashes in half, and incorrectly placed extensions can lead to premature lash loss. It is recommended to use a serum to strengthen natural lashes, retain them in the follicle longer (less shedding means extensions for longer), and limit the detrimental effects of long-term use of lash extensions. Read about what are the alternatives to eyelash glue.


Your ethnicity has no bearing on the length of your eyelashes. The variation is in the eyelashes curve, with Asians and those of Spanish or Eastern European ancestry having straight lashes and others having curlier lashes. An absence of double eyelid wrinkles causes straight lashes.