why do my acrylic nails keep popping off?

Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off?

After the effort and fun of having your acrylics applied, it may be quite frustrating if they begin to wear off early. However, this may occur even if you visit a renowned salon. In this article, we will discuss why do my acrylic nails keep popping off.

why do my acrylic nails keep popping off?
Why Do My Acrylic Nails Keep Popping Off? (Image Source: Pinterest)

This issue is more common for people who apply their acrylic nails alone or with the help of a friend instead of professionally. According to specialists, there are three distinct reasons why acrylic nails pop off: observable, hidden, and chemical.

Observable Causes

The acrylic nails will pop off if they are not correctly attached or if the nails are improperly prepared prior to application. Several specialized procedures and supplies are available for preparing and caring for the nail; one must be compatible with the others and performed perfectly to provide the longest acrylic lifetime.

Problems Prepping the Nail

Natural nails include oils and protective layers that must be removed carefully to prevent foreign items from sticking to the nail. Often, your nail technician may apply a dull-finish primer to the nail to maximize its adhesive capacity. Before applying anything to the nails, they must always be completely dry.

Small quantities of moisture will evaporate during the curing process, reducing the adhesive strength of the bonding agents. Similarly, if the nail is somewhat dirty or dusty, the same thing might happen. Ensure that you use an appropriate dusting brush and that your nails are perfectly prepped before beginning work.

Unhealthy Nails

If the acrylic nails seem to be to remain in place and resist all types of impacts, they will need a durable and reliable foundation. While nail technicians can advise and assist you in properly caring for and nourishing your nails, nail disease is a serious issue that should be handled by a professional member of the medical community.

Chemical Causes

Various chemicals might also impede appropriate attachment. Some things to be cautious about are listed below.

Materials Used

The acrylic product must be made by mixing the monomer and polymer, but the result will also be substandard if the ratios are wrong.

Chemicals on the Nails

Nail and finger chemicals may also affect how well acrylics stick to their base. If there is an excessive amount of primer left over after the prep work or if smoke residue has accumulated on the nails during cleaning, these chemicals will inhibit proper bonding.

If you use harsh cleaning agents or even pure lemon juice, this may also occur. The strong chemicals will begin dissolving the adhesive agents, resulting in the nail falling off.

Hidden Causes

In addition to the more apparent reasons why acrylic nails might begin to pop off, there are some less obvious reasons why acrylic nails can begin to pop off as well. Here are some of the most significant hidden reasons why your nails may be losing their ability to hold their power.

Medications and Diet

Some medications may impair your nail’s ability to retain the acrylic for more than a few days. Among them include heart drugs, diuretics, thyroid meds, and diabetic medications, as well as an excess of Vitamin B6.

Health Conditions

It is also likely that some individuals will be allergic to the application. Some people can’t handle the powerful chemicals that are used in this process. Additionally, some bacteria may be present in the individual’s body that are resistant to the application.

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