why is my perm not curly

Why Is My Perm Not Curly? | Perm Guide 2023

I would like to welcome you to the Modern Permian period with the question, “why is my perm not curly?” The fashions popular in the 1980s have evolved quite a bit, as seen by the comeback of the serving perm. 

Perms employ chemicals to modify the structure of your hair, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from experimenting with different hairstyles, whether you want to go from straight to curly or from curly to straight. 

perm not curly
Perm Not Curly (Image Source: Pinterest)

With the appropriate diet and care, you can have a perm and maintain healthy hair at the same time. Indeed, this is something that can be achieved! 

Today, we are going to discuss perms, “why is my perm not curly,” relaxers, and how you should monitor your next appointment for a perm at the salon since you adore having a wonderful hairdo.

The term “perm” refers to a chemical treatment that makes permanent alterations to the hair follicle (hence the name). Perms are used on naturally curly hair because they generate curls that are more desirable than those produced by natural straight hair. 

Because hair breakage is rather common after getting any type of perm, you should make sure that your hair is well-nourished and healthy before scheduling a perm appointment.

Now, we will discover “why is my perm not curly” and everything related to it that you need to know about the enchanted hairdo known as the perm.

Why is my perm not curly? 

Do you ever say to yourself after a perm that “my perm is going straight”? Even though the word “permanent” is shortened to “perm,” the hairdo does not remain in place for as long as you may think. 

It takes anywhere from three to six months for a perm to fully take effect, depending on the type of hair you have and how well you take care of it.

The session is far too lengthy, typically lasting anywhere from one to five hours.

The single most crucial point to keep in mind is that for the first forty-eight hours after getting your hair permed, you should let it air dry and avoid doing much to it. 

In the movie “Legally Blonde,” the character Elle Woods refers to this as “the first rule cardinal of perm upkeep.”

If your hair is in decent condition following the initial perm treatment, you should be able to rectify the curl results by re-protecting your hair. This is because re-protecting your hair requires less heat than the initial perm service did.

After you have rinsed the solution of the permanent wave out of your hair, you are responsible for keeping the health and safety of your tresses until they become damaged. 

Before committing to an all-over perm, you should definitely give your hair a test run, especially if you are unsure about the current state of your locks.

permanent waves
Permanent Waves (Image Source: Pinterest)

However, I propose you discuss the possible reasons for the results you achieved from the perm service and speak to the stylist who performs the initial perm service. I also, suggest that you explore the possible causes for the results of your straight hair after the perm that you acquired from the perm service. 

Either the waving lotion was not applied to the hair in sufficient amounts, or the neutralizer was not given sufficient time to restructure the chemical bonds on the hair, both of which may have contributed to the hair’s lackluster wave pattern.

Be careful to give your hair a thorough treatment, and if at all possible, let it at least a few days to rest and recover from the treatment (although a week would be preferred).

To begin, I hope you didn’t wash the next day after you read this!

You are needed to provide a minimum of forty-eight hours for the chemicals! (Note: I really hope that was a professional perm… we won’t speak about DIY jobs, yuck) in addition to that. 

Please do not make the same mistake again whether the curl persisted (and this applies to any permanent treatments to the hair, such as coloring, curling, or straightening). 

Simply due to the fact that the desired look will fade away or will not last, your hair will return to its normal state! The only chemical change that will be lasting is this one. 

The results will wear off with time, but the structure of your hair (which was utilized for and not new growth!) will be altered permanently; thus, putting extra things on top will have a minimally detrimental impact.

There are many factors that might either revoke or extend your authorization. Consider the following, as they might speed up the process of your perm:

Not maintaining proper aftercare status

DIY perms are available, but a professional hairdresser will have far more understanding of curling and the chemicals that are used. Your devotion to upkeep is another key factor to consider. 

In order to keep your permit intact, you should try to stay away from items that involve heat-styling tools, alcohol, or silicone. Think about the activities that you do on a regular basis, especially if you are a gym rat or an active swimmer. 

Frost can form as a result of sweat and high humidity, which can be caused by chlorinated water’s potentially devastating effects on perms.

You have not been using any style products for your hair.

Waves and curls are defined by this term.

As soon as you get out of your shower, quickly wrap your hair in a towel to remove any extra moisture.

You’ll be able to give your hair more definition if you do this when it’s moist. The way in which your curls are defined is mostly according to the chic items that you use.

To keep your curls from falling out, this product is an essential tool.

Choose products that do not include alcohol or silicone, as a matter of course. Choose curl products such as cream styling or curl activators if you won’t say to yourself, “my perm is too curly.”

One of the most important things about perms that you should be aware of is the fact that they won’t look very nice if you don’t have a decent basis for working on your hair beforehand. 

According to the professionals, four significant red permanent signs need to be considered. If your hair has been badly damaged, if it has been bleached, or if it has become dry and brittle, your hair will not coil up like frizz, nor will an additional round of chemicals make your hair appear healthier! 

Additionally, double treatment may cause your ends to become so weak that they may fall off on their own. This is an undesirable outcome. 

The response is that you should talk to a hairstylist or do a porosity test to determine how well your hair is permed before you make the decision to have your hair authorized.

Abuse of items containing chemicals

When a perm is done incorrectly, it is frequently because the hair was not left in the perm solution for the recommended period of time. In addition, if the hair is not in a healthy state, it is possible that it will not accept the solution in the proper manner.

This might cause damage to the hair that is irreversible. In most cases, a mistake of this nature will require a significant haircut in order to correct it. Bad limbs are generally shapeless, don’t generate curls, and contribute nothing to the overall image of frostiness.

Utilize a high-quality deep conditioner to restore your hair’s natural moisture and luster. This will result in less scrub being present, which will lead to an enhanced permit.

How to revitalize a perm? | How to make your perm last longer?

Want to learn how to revitalize a perm or how to make your perm last longer check the video below:

How To Make Your Perm Last Longer

How to make perms more curly? | How to make permed hair curly?

Chemicals are used in the process of perming hair in order to dissolve the sulfur bonds that keep the hair strands together. After the chemicals have loosened the natural binding characteristics of your hair, the rollers are used to set the hair. The first stage in the procedure is to give the hair fibers a new form, depending on the width of the rollers. 

permed hair curly
Permed Hair Curly (Image Source: Pinterest)

This is the first phase in the process. After the chemical effects have worn off, the hair will resume its natural strength while maintaining the new form that you have given it. 

After a total of forty-eight hours or even better, the perm after a week has passed since the application of perm chemicals to hair, and the hair has reached its final curly state. 

You may get the desired curliness in your perm by utilizing rollers of the appropriate size and a certain kind of perm solution.

Go to a reputed hair salon, and explain to a stylist that you want your perm to have more of a wavy appearance. Ask her what sort of hair you have, or if you are unsure, seek her opinion on the matter, and then ask her if an acid or alkaline perm would be more suitable for you.

Use photographs you’ve clipped out of magazines to demonstrate to the stylist how much of a wave you want to be added to your perm. 

This will ensure that there is no room for interpretation of the end result. Put your faith in her experience and knowledge to select the best product to use and the appropriate roller size in order to get the desired amount of curl. 

If you demand that she use the tiniest roller and the strongest solution possible, however, you will probably end up with results that resemble frizz more than curls.

In order to create the curlier appearance you desire, you will need to wait while your hairstylist applies the rollers, perm solution, and neutralizer to your hair.

How to fix permed hair gone wrong? | How to fix a bad perm?

Do not hesitate to phone your stylist and tell them how your hair is lost in the curl. Although it may seem strange to you, it is common; thus, there is no need for you to be concerned.

fix a bad perm
Fix A Bad Perm (Image Source: Pinterest)

You may have requested a “soft/loose/not curly-looking,” but for many weeks, there must still be some curl/waves present in your hair.

You may have greater results if you do not shampoo your hair on the first day, but you need not be concerned if you do shampoo.

Do not put off making an appointment, and while you are there, make every effort not to be in a rush since this will prevent the designer from misusing your approval.

You are required to return to the same coiffeur and either ask her to correct the problem or pay her for it. I don’t think you can pull off having long hair. Therefore, it is not common for the curliness to fade on the same day as it appeared.

It does not matter if the curl is too tight, you did not like the result of the home perm, or you simply do not like it; getting rid of a terrible perm should not be demanding or monotonous. Your strands can be tamed, and a botched perm may be removed in various methods. 

In the same way, you would with any other treatment, follow each guideline very carefully so that your tresses do not sustain any further harm.

Before we can go on to the more important aspects of fixing a faulty license, we first need to determine the issue with your license. Depending on the issue, the solution can be something that can be done at home. 

Unfortunately, certain errors in perming your hair cannot be corrected, at least not without causing damage to your hair and making it seem even worse. You may want the assistance of a professional consultant. Still, before you go out the door wearing a scarf or hat to cover up a mess, you should evaluate the situation and figure out where you should get started.

Make use of the following home methods to cure your poor permits:

Avocado with Egg

Eggs, which are high in protein, can heal the damage caused by chemical perms. To treat your dry hair, you might try mixing egg and avocado, which have the same components. Avocados’ natural oils can be used to rehydrate and replenish damaged or dry hair. 

Before beginning the rinsing process, let the mixture sit in the tube water for ten to twenty minutes. Apply the mixture daily, waiting for at least three to four days after shampooing or until an improvement is seen, whichever comes first.

Utilize a shampoo that adds moisture

There is a wide range of possible intensities for perms. Some perms result from hair waves that are slack and undramatic, while others produce tight and spirally curls. If you find that your permissions are too restrictive and would like to loosen them up, you may do this with a few different home remedies.

Shampoo your hair with something that moisturizes it. If you acquired your permission within the last 72 hours, you should shampoo your hair as quickly as possible. Before the curl is entirely set, this helps eliminate some of the chemicals used on your hair.

Use a moisturizing conditioner

While the conditioner is still sitting in your hair, please give it a fully straight appearance by combing it out. Wait between 5 and 10 minutes before beginning to rinse off. While you wait, you should continue to urinate on your hair.

After that, you should rinse the hair and proceed with the process again. Repeat the step with shampoo, then condition and finish with conditioner.

Perform a treatment on your tresses with warm oil. This helps provide body weight and brightness to the hair, which relaxes the curls so that they may be styled in any way you choose. Take advantage of a hot oil treatment at least twice weekly for additional relaxation.

Soak in olive oil on your hair. In addition to making the curls more defined, this will also give your hair a lot of shine. The end outcome will be curls and hair that are less tight and more delicate.

Adjustment for a fishtail

Many people end up with poor perm because they applied the perm rods incorrectly. In many cases, a fishtail may form at the back of the head if the hair is not properly wounded around the perm rod.

If the hair is extremely straight or rough, then it is possible that the wind will not move it sufficiently to generate a straight appearance rather than a curled one. To our good fortune, a fishtail may be easily corrected.

Remove the ends of it. Cutting off the tip of the fishtail would be all that is needed to fix the issue. It is strongly recommended that you use shears rather than regular scissors for this task. Simply trim the hair so that it is straight across the top. The pattern of the curl should not be altered in any way by the cut.

Mix hair. You may also get a more natural-looking mix of your hair by using a piece of hot equipment, such as a blow dryer or curling iron.

You can proceed in one of two professional directions. Ask your designer to re-allocate the fishtails to blend if the fishtail appearance is too pronounced for your taste. However, you should hold off for at least three days after the initial permission so that you do not harm your hair.

Can A Perm Last Forever?

Although the word “permanent” is shortened to “perm,” the length of time that a perm lasts is more variable than you may assume. Depending on the texture of your hair and how well you take care of it, a perm may normally last anywhere from three to six months.

Will My Perm Get Curlier After I Wash It?

After you wash it, your perm won’t get any curlier than it was before. Your curls will end up taking on a form that is more characteristic of their natural state.

How Long Should You Wait To Perm Your Hair Again?

Depending on the texture of your hair and how well you take care of it, a perm may normally be repeated anywhere from three to six months.

And that wraps today’s blog. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you would like to learn more about such topics visit BS Makeup Kits. Until then see you soon!