my eyelash extensions are too curly

Why My Eyelash Extensions Are Too Curly?

Eyelash extensions can instantly transform your entire beauty routine, giving you a zero-effort glam that lasts for weeks without the need to apply mascara or false eyelashes daily. But what?

Why my eyelash extensions are too curly? When we initially start getting eyelash extensions, there is a good chance that we may mess up a few times. It’s because many newbies aren’t sure what size and shape of eyelashes will look best on us. Because of this, you can get the impression that your eyelash extensions make your natural lashes look unnaturally thick or dramatic after applying them. What are your alternatives if you have volume lashes that are incredibly thick, curling, and dense?

Why my eyelash extensions are too curly? Your lashes are most likely over-processed if they have a curled appearance after your lash lift. Reapplying the perming solution or using oil to straighten the lashes might be discussed with your lash technician.

How To Fix Too Curled Eyelash Extensions?

You may need to wait longer for the lifting solution to affect your lashes to achieve the desired curl. Getting your lashes lifted is quite similar to getting your hair permed.

  • To achieve a more curled or voluminous look, you can choose how long the solution is left on the hair (in this instance, your lashes).
  • Your lashes may become overly curled or frizzy if the solution is kept on for an extended period. 

A lash lift that’s overly curly can be fixed with these tips:

Reapply Perm Solution

If you feel right away that your lash lift is overly curly, there are various choices that your lash artist can make before you even leave your session. If you don’t like how your lashes look after the lift, you may always return to your natural lash curl.

Have a conversation with your lash artist about your expectations, and see if you can persuade them to apply a little bit more of the perming solution to your lashes to relax some areas where they have curled them too tightly.

There is a good chance that only some of your lashes have been overprocessed; hence, your lash artist should be able to use a spoolie to work the perming solution through your lashes and relax the lashes that are overly curled.

Apply Any Organic Oil

If you didn’t realize that your lash lift was excessively curly until you got home, or if you didn’t feel comfortable asking your lash artist to repair them immediately, you may try applying oil to calm them.

Dip a Q-tip or spoolie into coconut or castor oil to ease your lash lift at home. Apply the oil to the roots of your lashes and work your way down to the tips to assist the lashes in straightening and smoothing out.

Schedule A Keratin Lash Lift

Keratin lash lifts are a choice if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from the other two methods. Find a salon or spa in your area that offers this specific sort of lash lift by doing research.

Keratin lash lifts are different from typical ones since they curl your lashes using a combination of cysteine and heat. Because of this, you can apply it on top of a recently applied lash lift without worrying about causing damage to your natural lashes.

A Keratin lash lift can help you get the aesthetic you were going for in the first place by eliminating any kinks, frizziness, or excessively curled areas of your lashes. This should help you accomplish the look you were going for.

I hope you loved this article on why my eyelash extensions are too curly and find it helpful. Also, you may be interested to read how to use oil to relax lash lift.