will my hair dye come out in the pool?

Will my Hair Dye Come Out in the Pool?

Today’s article is about Will my hair dye come out in the pool? It depends on the type of hair dye you’re using and how long it’s been in your hair. If you’ve only recently dyed your hair, there’s a good chance that the color will bleed out when exposed to chlorinated water. This is because the cuticles of your hair are still open from the dyeing process and can’t protect your color as well as they usually would.

To avoid this, try applying a leave-in conditioner or oil to your hair before swimming. This will help seal your color and prevent it from bleeding out. However, if you’ve had your hair dyed for a while, it’s less likely that the color will bleed out.

This is because the dye will have had time to set, and the cuticles will have had time to close, making your hair better able to protect its color. So if you’re worried about your hair dye coming out in the pool, it’s best to wait a few weeks after dying your hair before taking a dip.

will my hair dye come out in the pool?
Will my hair dye come out in the pool? (Image Source: Pinterest)

How long do you have to wait to go swimming after dying your hair?

swimming after dying your hair
Swimming after dying your hair (Image Source: Pinterest)

If you had just dyed your hair this afternoon and were asked to a pool party, politely declining could be a good idea. It has the potential to ruin the color of your hair. It is suggested to wait a minimum of three to four days after coloring your hair before going swimming. You should wait 3 to 4 days after applying the hair dye to give the pigments in color more time to set in the hair.

Why is it necessary to wait for 3 to 4 days before you can go swimming, and what is the cause of this?

Pool water contains chlorine, which is responsible for this occurrence entirely (assuming you would go swimming in a pool). Chemicals such as chlorine are added to pool water to keep it clean and prevent germs from growing in the water.

Everything is well until you discover that it removes not only bacteria but also your hair color. However, chlorine oxidizes the pigment that gives your hair its color.

And as the oxidizing process begins, the color in your hair will begin to fade. So, for example, if you dyed your hair blonde and then went swimming immediately after, your hair would become green. Although fantastic for Halloween, it might be awful if you simply want to appreciate your beautiful hair.

Keep Your Hair Color From Fading While Swimming

Further information on how to take care of your colored hair can be found in our blog article on How to protect colored hair from chlorine. Happy swimming!