will my hair fall out if i bleach it twice?

Will My Hair Fall Out If I Bleach It Twice?

Today’s post is about will my hair fall out if I bleach it twice. The procedure of bleaching is rough and damaging to your hair, yet at the same time, it is quite delicate. You can bleach your hair twice, but you shouldn’t do it back-to-back on the same day since it can damage your hair and chance of hair fall. You could even lose hair in clumps when you touch your hair.

will my hair fall out if i bleach it twice
Will My Hair Fall Out If I Bleach It Twice (Image Source: Pinterest)

How does bleaching function?

The hair’s melanin pigments are oxidized and lightened due to the bleaching process. Oxidizing agents, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, are found in bleach. Because these compounds are chemically harsh, if they are used more than once, they might cause damage to the hair shafts.

Although the product manufacturers say that it does not include peroxide, this does not indicate that it is free of other harmful chemicals. This only indicates that the bleaching formula contains some other kind of bleaching chemical, which will very certainly be just as harsh, if not even more so.

Harmful Effects Of Bleaching

Whether you do it yourself or ask for the help of a professional, bleaching your hair might have the following side effects:

  • Burns to the scalp may be caused by bleaching, leaving your scalp uncomfortable and damaged. While bleaching, wash it off if you experience any irritation or burning on the scalp.
  • Bleaching causes the hair to become dried out, frizzy, and rough. Applying coconut oil to the area affected and engaging in conditioning treatments are also excellent ways to fight this and reverse the harm it has caused. 
  • Discolored hair occurs when the bleaching ingredients are not mixed correctly.

The procedure of bleaching is rough and damaging to your hair. You can bleach your hair twice, but you shouldn’t do it on the same day since it might destroy your hair and lead you to lose more of it. It’s also possible that you’ll lose handfuls of hair at once if you touch your hair.

harmful effects of bleaching hair
Harmful effects of bleaching hair (Image Source: Pinterest)


  • If you want to bleach your hair, be aware that it will need more care than usual.
  • Determine your hair type and invest in high-quality hair products. Consult a hairstylist, do internet research, and take excellent care of your hair.
  • Platinum or ash blonde hair cannot be achieved in a single session. Avoid bleaching the hair excessively often. Maintain a minimum two-week gap between sessions. You may lighten your hair up to three tones every session.
  • If you believe that your hair has been damaged by the initial round of bleaching, seek expert help to minimize the damage. Your stylist may do a strand test to determine how long the second application of bleach should stay.
  • Bleaching causes hair to become brittle and delicate. Take the appropriate precautions to avoid more damage.
  • If you can wait, bleach your hair again only after 4 to 6 weeks, which is enough time for your hair to relax and breathe.
  • For the greatest results, ensure that the bleach is applied evenly.
  • Leaving the bleach on too long or too short a period might cause undesirable results. Always have a timer active.
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