will my perm get curlier after i wash it

How Does Perm Get Curlier After Washing It?

Will my perm get curlier after I wash it? After using perms to style their hair, one of the main queries people tend to ask is this one. People who don’t naturally have curls frequently opt for perms to achieve the look of having particular types of curls in their hair, which is one reason perms are such a popular styling treatment.

Even though perms have the ability to transform a person’s appearance completely, they do require some maintenance. Today, we are going to investigate one of the most frequently asked issues regarding the maintenance of perms, which is whether or not water is beneficial to the hairstyle or whether it is detrimental.

Will My Perm Get Curlier After I Wash It?

Although numerous theories are floating around the internet about how to define your curls better, the reality is that getting curlier hair after washing is not only a hit-or-miss proposition in terms of the results, but it is also highly reliant on the condition and health of your hair.

It is only a momentary effect if your chemically straightened hair curls more after you wash it. Because the chemicals that were used to change the structure of your hair need time to set, getting your permed curls wet too soon may cause the curls to lose definition and may even entirely undo the pattern that was created by the perming process.

curlier perms
Curlier Perms (Image Source: Pinterest)

Because there are so many different curl patterns and so many different techniques to make a certain hair type curl, the fact that a person’s hair becomes curlier after washing reveals a lot about their hair type.

And the things they may do to make their curls more prominent, if you notice that your hair becomes curlier after washing it, this could be an indication that your hair is unhealthy and is not yet ready to be permed by a professional. 

It is possible that your hair is dehydrated as a result of the stretching and breakage that occurs when you brush your hair when it is wet.

If you have curly hair as a result of washing, this suggests that your hair is sensitive to humidity. The cuticle becomes more porous, which ultimately causes the hair to become drier. This is the damage that occurs.

How Long Should I Wait Before Washing My Perms?

Wetting your hair for at least twenty-four hours after obtaining a perm is strictly banned because doing so runs the danger of rendering the ammonium thioglycolate ineffective, as the fictitious and highly successful attorney, Elle Woods, advised her client in the landmark court case of the decade.

These are words to live by because ammonium thioglycolate is the most common active chemical found in perm lotions and treatments.

Although there are different types of perms that use a variety of chemicals in addition to the infamous ammonium thioglycolate, these are words to live by because ammonium thioglycolate is the most common chemical used in perms.

If the chemicals, primarily the neutralizer in the treatment that was used to style/treat and literally restructured the hair, are not given time to set, the curls will disintegrate while they are being rinsed out.

This is because the treatment was used to style/treat and literally restructure the hair. In addition, washing the hair before it is ready might cause harm to the keratin strands in the hair, which are still working to reconnect and repair themselves after the chemical treatment that altered the structure of the hair.

Even if the chemical reactions that occur during the perm treatment only continue for fifteen to twenty minutes, the aftereffects of the neutralizer are possibly even more important to the preservation of the perm.

Some hairdressers even advise waiting forty-eight hours before letting your hair get wet again. In the long run, your perm will turn out better if you refrain from washing your hair for an even longer period of time. If you really must, however, use a dry shampoo.

Many people choose to have their hair permed as a fashionable choice, but doing so requires special care to keep the locks looking lush and healthy.

To address the initial question, the answer is yes, washing your perm will make it seem better, but this is only the case if the appropriate actions for maintaining it are taken. And that is a warp on today’s blog. If you want to read more such content, visit BS Makeup Kits.