winter skin tone makeup

Cool/Winter Skin Tone Makeup

It’s how you modify a beauty trend to fit your characteristics, not the trend itself, that results in some of the most breathtaking naturally flattering—looks season after season. While testing out the latest cosmetic trends keeps your makeup bag up to date, the greatest looks always come down to the appropriate colors that bring out your skin’s undertones and the perfect winter skin tone makeup.

Lori Taylor Davis, the global pro lead artist for Smashbox cosmetics, shared her professional makeup recommendations for choosing the correct colors and styles for winter skin tone makeup. 

If your complexion has blue or pink aspects, the appropriate winter skin tone makeup can bring it to life in ways that corals, golds, olive greens, and warm browns can’t. It’s crucial to complement your skin tone to your cosmetics and select colors from the same color family. Warm tones contrasted against blue eyes are an exception, but they are employed modestly to avoid dominating the overall cool-toned style.

winter skin tone makeup

If you have a natural pink or rosy flush to your complexion, you most likely have cool undertones. Genetics can also help you figure out your skin complexion: people with cold undertones to their complexion are more likely to have light blue, grey, or dark brown eyes. Their hair will also have cold tones, such as ash blonde, dark brown, or jet-black. Underneath the skin, the veins on your wrist will likewise seem to be bluer.

We have a guide for winter skin tone makeup of the pros and cons and suggestions that might help you in your winter.

Winter Skin Tone Makeup
Winter Skin Tone Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Do You Have a Winter Skin Tone?

The given topics will help you figure out whether you have a cool or warm skin complexion if your answers are mostly yes then we have some of the best winter skin tone makeup for you.

Do you think silver jewelry suits you more than gold?
Is there little to no copper-red or gold in your natural hair color?
Is your color more pink than golden in appearance?
Do you prefer jewel tones over earth tones in your clothing?
Do you think you look nicer in white than you do in cream?

If you answered “yes” to all or most of the questions mentioned, you might need to match your winter skin tone makeup. If you’re still unsure about your coloring, get guidance from a cosmetic counter.

Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Girls with cool skin tones we have a winter skin tone color palette for you to choose your winter skin tone makeup, the colors are:

  • Pinks
  • Mauves
  • Plums
  • Roses
  • Cool browns
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Bright blue
  • Teal
  • White
  • Gray
Cool Skin Tone Color Palette
Cool Skin Tone Color Palette (Image Source: Pinterest)

This category includes all of the “cool colors” on the color wheel for your winter skin tone makeup, albeit you wouldn’t wear all of them on every region of your face. Winter skin tone makeup goes well with blue-based hues. Blue-based red lipsticks, plum blushes, grey shadows, and more are among the options. Avoid yellow-based eye, lip, and cheek cosmetics for the best results. They’ll take your skin’s color and drain it.

The Right Foundation

Coordinating your foundation hue to your skin’s undertones and winter skin tone makeup will bring out your natural color and give your skin a flawless finish. Cooler aspects tend to give the complexion a pink or crimson hue. “a neutral-toned foundation will glide into the skin,” explains Taylor Davis. Smashbox halo blush in a warm glow is a great option for your winter skin tone makeup. “I think warm neutral pink tones will offer a modest blush without adding too much pink or red,” she says. She emphasizes that the 

Foundation’s neutral base tone should resemble the look of skin.

Applying makeup with matching undertones to the skin will soften your look and make it more charming. “when it comes to bronzers, picking colors that aren’t too dark and easy to layer, as well as matte rather than shimmer, may warm up and emphasize a cold undertone,” Taylor Davis adds.

Foundation for Cool Undertones
Foundation for Cool Undertones (Image Source: Pinterest)

Choose colors that will play up your flush tones—think rosy cheeks and a delicate, pink pout—for a natural enhancement of a day’s winter skin tone makeup look. Taylor Davis adds, “the easiest application is to keep color monochromatic, picking tones that lend a gentle warmth to the lips, cheeks, and eye.” “for this sort of application, rose tones might work well.”

Jewel-toned eyeshadow or liner, which look great on cool complexion tones, add a flash of color to the eyes. “depending on your eye color, blue, purple, blue-green, green, and magenta will look best,” she explains. For daytime, go for a light wash of shadow on the lids.

Stick to the same color plot at night, but use darker pigments to add drama. “Adding a bigger lip and colored liner is the bridge between day and night makeup,” advises Taylor Davis. A bold maroon lip is amazingly elegant and attractive on cooler skin and is an absolute great recommendation for your winter skin tone makeup. “the makeup look that I’m currently liking is a deeper lined eye idea coupled with a berry-toned lip,” she reveals. Your evening attire is stunning.

The following video will give a guide in choosing your foundation:

Deciding the Shade of Rose

If your face, neck, and chest are the same tone and have strong pale undertones, go for the coolest colors with pink undertones that complement your jawline (not the inside of your wrist). Even if you’re certain, you need a shade with pink undertones, test out two or three that appear promising and see which one emerges best and appears the most organic in the sunshine.

Why Look for A Neutral Foundation

On top of an already rosy face, foundations with strong pink undertones might seem artificial, especially if your face has more pink tones than your neck. Matching your face will highlight the contrast between your face and your body, which is precisely what you don’t want when picking a foundation.

Winter Skin Tone Neutral Foundation
Winter Skin Tone Neutral Foundation (image Source: Pinterest)

If this describes you, search for foundations with a neutral base (similar to the hue of your neck and chest) to balance out the pink in your skin and successfully match your face to your body. Don’t go too bright or warm with your foundation color; instead, consider it a very mild color corrector.


Have you been using a color that was too bright or too deep for you but finally found the color that best fits your skin? If what you see in the mirror is drastically different from what you saw previously, you may feel “wrong” or as if you are pale or unwell. You may still apply a bronzer if you want that sun-kissed effect that warm skin tones seem to get so effortlessly but pick wisely.

Winter Skin Bronzer
Winter Skin Bronzer (Image source: Pinterest)

Avoid bronzers with noticeable golden tones (and anything that looks orange in the pan should be avoided!). however, when applied gently to the high areas of the face, bronzers that appear neutral (simply brown or with the least hint of pink) may nevertheless look natural and attractive.


While most cool skin-toned ladies stick to the same hue family, they don’t always pick the same depth. When it comes to eye, cheek, and lip makeup, a typical rule is:

  • Lighter cool tones look better on fair skin.
  • Darker skin looks better when paired with darker colors.

There are exceptions to this general rule, such as when fair-skinned women wear edgy burgundy lipstick or when women with dark complexions wear light nude-colored lips.

Fair Skin Tones

For Day and Evening, Fair Skin Has a Wide Range of Eye, Lip, and Cheek Hues to Choose From.

Fair Skin Tones
Fair Skin Tones (Image Source: Pinterest)

Cheeks & Lips

For a daytime appearance, use softer pinks or mauves on the lips and cheeks.

Shades to Test out
Shades to Test out (Image Source: Pinterest)

Try Clinique bamboo pink lipstick or gloss wear, a universally flattering dusty beige-pink cover girl continuous color lipstick in it is your mauve, a creamy medium mauve Nars Angelika blush, a blue-based light pink shade with sparkle clinique bamboo pink lipstick or gloss wear, a universally flattering dusty beige-pink.

Medium Skin Tones

Cool-toned medium skin tones can experiment with a range of hues, such as berry tones.

Medium Skin Tones
Medium Skin Tones (Image source: Pinterest)


For your lips, go for something a touch darker and in the berry family. Mauves and flowers may also appeal to you.

Medium Skin Tones Lips
Medium Skin Tones Lips (Image Source Pinterest)

Skin tone: medium

Clinique black honey is a good option. Almost lipstick is a light, berry-toned tint that isn’t quite as dark as it appears.

Fanny is a bright, cool cherry color from Nars audacious lipstick.


Plum, purple, and lavender shadows may be worn by almost every eye color. They look great on those with medium complexion tones. If you have brown eyes, try smudging bright blue down the upper or lower lash line (or both for a fun summer effect!). for brave beauty divas, Revlon’s matte eyeshadow in Venetian blue is ideal.

Medium Skin Tone Eye Makeup
Medium Skin Tone Eye Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

Also, look into:

The purple icon is a quad of four shimmering mild to dark purple and violet colors from the Maybelline eye studio.

Five shimmering, finely milled shadows in taupe, eggplant, and rose to make up the Dior 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palette – rosy design.

Bronzes look great on the eyes, lips, and cheeks; just avoid bronzes that lean too much into the red region. Bronze shadow from mac is a nice option. Bronzes and browns will bring up your blue eyes, but the eye shadow will still be modest because it’s a very neutral tone.

Here is an overall makeup tutorial for medium skin tone:

Dark Skin Tones

Ladies with cool undertones and darker complexions may wear a wide range of colors, from deep plums to smokey charcoal, and look stunning.

Dark Skin Tones
Dark Skin Tones (Image Source: Pinterest)


You may select from rich, stunning burgundy tones or a medium-dark pink, plum, or pink-based nude for your lips at any time.

Dark Skin Tones Lip Look
Dark Skin Tones Lip Look (Image Source: Pinterest)


Black radiance lipstick in burgundy royale, a sparkling rich ruby red with depth mac creme in your coffee, a pinkish-nude with a creamy consistency mac instigator lipstick, a deep, matte plum.


All of the cold skin tone makeup colors described above may be worn, but do so with caution. A lady with a lighter skin tone might be able to pull off an opaque, pastel pink shadow, but not you. instead, go for a light-to-medium pink sheer wash that won’t stand out as much on your dark skin. Your lids will glow, your eyes will pop, and you, not your eye makeup, will take center stage.

Dark Skin Tones Eye Look
Dark Skin Tones Eye Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

This is also true for other chilly hues. One of the advantages of having dark skin is the ability to employ colors from a dark palette in everyday makeup looks, such as hunter green or navy blue. While a fair-skinned lady might only feel comfortable using navy blue at night, you can wear it on the lid, in the crease, in the outer v, or as a liner throughout the day without giving it a second thought.

Try out these colors:

12 colors in the urban decay naked smoky palette, including charcoal grey, plum-taupe, pink-taupe, light grey, black, and others.

Eve pearl sapphire eyes palette includes three blues, a plum, a coral for subtle warmth, and a pinkish-beige accent hue that would look fantastic on a cool complexion.

Here is a beautiful makeup tutorial for dark skin tones:

If you have a cool skin tone, go for matching cool-toned eye, lip, and cheek makeup to achieve the most flattering look. Winter skin tone makeup may be used to create daytime and evening looks that don’t make you seem washed out or exhausted, and you can even add a trace of warmth to make things more intriguing. Don’t be frightened to try new things.