winter wonderland makeup ideas

15+ Winter Wonderland Makeup Ideas You Will Love

These winter wonderland makeup ideas are perfect for a celebratory look that is still within the limits of normalcy (i.e., you won’t receive weird looks from strangers). 

winter wonderland ice queen
Winter Wonderland Ice Queen (Image Source Pinterest)

With the snowflakes and glitter eyeliner, or just creative eyes, you can add just the proper amount of sparkle to this otherwise simple look.

winter wonderland makeup look
Winter Wonderland Makeup Look (Image source: Pinterest)

Winter wonderland makeup ideas

Since May, we pulled up all of the cool winter wonderland makeup ideas we’ve been collecting and showed you how to do it yourself. So continue reading for all the winter wonderland makeup inspiration you’ll ever need.  

wonderland makeup
Wonderland Makeup (Image Source Pinterest)

The collection is of the best 15 Winter Wonderland Makeup Ideas You Will Love for this Christmas, so without any further to do, let’s get started:

Inner Corner Frost

Add a touch of pale blue (or your favorite pastel) to the inner corners of your go-to winged eyeliner.

inner corner frost
Inner Corner Frost (Image Source Pinterest)

It’s a super-easy method to wear a color that doesn’t feel overpowering, and it brightens up your eyes. Then, use a darker shade of the hue for your liner to add even more complexity to this winter wonderland makeup look.

Winter Wonderland Liner

In terms of eye makeup, 2021 seems to be all about subtler versions of the wings. Switching your basic black liner for a winter wonderland white is one of our best twists on the trend.

winter wonderland liner
Winter Wonderland Liner (Image Source: Pinterest)

It’s not only softer, but it also gives a hint of warmth for the winter wonderland’s winter-themed makeup, which we can all use at this time of year. Choose a liner with faint purple or burgundy tones for much more heat and a splash of color.

Winter Wonderland Ice Princess Makeup

The classic winter wonderland makeup idea cannot be completed without any princess makeup look.

winter wonderland ice princess makeup
Winter Wonderland Ice Princess Makeup (Image Source Pinterest)

This full wonder look is mesmerizing for this year’s winter wonderland makeup looks for your best Instagram post that will probably make it trending. 

fantasy winter wonderland ice princess makeup
Fantasy Winter Wonderland Ice Princess Makeup (Image Source Pinterest)

The following video will help in the winter wonderland ice princess makeup:

Wonderland Shimmers

While it’s natural to go toward cooler tones in cold weather, a splash of snow-colored shadow offers a lovely reminder of upcoming snowfall. 

winter shimmers
Winter Shimmers (Image Source: Pinterest)

The look is completed with a frosted blush, champagne highlighter, and a peachy nude lip.

wonderland shimmers
Wonderland Shimmers (Image Source: Pinterest)

Adding beautiful lashes and a bold layer of mascara will improve the look, and the addition of freezing cheeks will put the winter wonderland makeup look to the go.

Winter Wonderland Winter Themed Makeup

Another essential look of the winter can’t be completed with the winter wonderland winter-themed makeup look.

winter wonderland winter themed makeup
Winter Wonderland Winter Themed Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

This dazzling look is best for any winter costume-themed party or any party. In general, this look will glide the eyes of the crowd on you for such an amazing winter wonderland makeup look.

wonderland themed makeup
Wonderland Themed Makeup (Image Source: Pinterest)

The following video is an amazing guide on the winter wonderland winter-themed makeup look:

Snowy Smokes

Nothing goes better with an LBD (or a substantial black sweater) than a classic smokey eye, but giving it a winter wonderland twist by adding the concept of snow into the smoke makes it even more appealing. 

snowy smokes
Snowy Smokes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Shimmer shadows on the lids, rather than under the eyes, keep things feeling fresh, as does minimal makeup everywhere else.

SnowFlakes (Image Source: Pinterest)

The video is a brief tutorial on the winter wonderland makeup look:

Classic Blue Shadow

Use a light blue shadow on your eyelid and outline with a deeper shade of blue for a cool spin on the blue eyeshadow of your teens. 

icy blue look
Icey Blue Look (Image Source: Pinterest)

It avoids looking like a Y2K cosplay by keeping everything matte rather than icy.

classic blue shadow
Classic Blue Shadow (Image Source: Pinterest)

Snowflakey Eyes

First of all, prime your face and then use a concealer to do yours under your eyes. Next, apply foundation, try to dab it rather than smearing it. Finally, apply your desired compact face powder and fill your eyebrows in a light shade as you wish.

snowflakey eyes
SnowFlakey Eyes (Image Source: Pinterest)

Moving on to the eyes, before doing anything, always prime your eyes and fill in the different shades of blue on your lid and make it as a winter wonderland makeup idea as possible and gently with a light hand blend in the hues together but be careful not to mix all the shades, carefully add tiny snowflakes on the crease and to finish it off apply a bold layer of mascara on you lasher or put on fake lashes that will complete the look perfectly. You can also see the winter soldier eye makeup tutorial on our another post.

So, these were our top best 15 winter wonderland makeup ideas you will love, and try these beautiful looks this winter. It’s a Happy new year and a warm winter from our side. Visit our website BS makeup kits for more interesting seasonal looks and updates. We hope to see you soon!